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(*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん MOMOCON!!
sorry it's been a while, but nothing interesting has happened lately. i've been hard at work preparing for momocon! (>ω<*)ノ

sadly, i wasn't very good about taking photos throughout the con, but of course, i got all of my outfit shots!

i spent most of sunday hanging out until we picked up some of my best friends, zach, and caylee. after taking forever to arrive, we decided to look around the convention and meet up with laffi!

skirt: metamorphose (AGAIN OTL;)
apron: custom, the snow field
sweater: h&m
blouse: secondhand
tights: offbrand
shoes: gloomy bear
bag: angelic pretty
accessories: offbrand, handmade

this is the very last time you'll be seeing this skirt, thank jesus! ♥

being in lolita is exhausting...  i changed in to this at about 9 or 10, after my friend malice's para para panel. (・ェ・) i love comfy clothes!

 the biggest day of the convention... SATURDAY

laffi and i were originally going to twin but it turned out to be a loose match! 
shirt: milklim
bloomers: handmade from DOL fabric
tights: sweetiecakes
accessories: alice doll, handmade, 6%, offbrand

i got to hang out with sascha which was really cool! 
we went to the lolita meetup, and bummed around a bit with the gang.


we decided to change for the j-fashion panel!
everything is the same, except shoes borrowed from malice (taobao) and custom angelic pretty skirt by the snow field.

after seeing everyone at the j-fashion panel, we headed up to this area where everyone just kind of hung out. everyone was tired and wanted to rest for a bit.

i had a really nice night with the girls i was staying with on saturday. we ended up staying up much too late talking about fashion, and even got on the topic of ghosts, haha! ヾ(・u・ )

 creepy cute on sunday, i was feeling lazy! 
shirt: offbrand
skirt: bodyline
tights: welovecolors, offbrand
socks: offbrand
shoes: t.u.k.
accessories: offbrand, sanrio, cute can kill

couldn't you seriously scream at how cute my friends are?!
alisha on the left, malice on the right.

i had fun at momocon this year, it was the best convention yet! 

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