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bakery meetup, fun weekend!

yay! i kept my promise! (´∀`)here's my outfit from the bakery meetup on sunday! i'll start with an outfit rundown.

i went with a red and yellow coordinate because i was just dying to coordinate this skirt with yellow! i kind of look like mcdonalds LOL.

shirt: hot topic i think... it's a lady gaga shirt xD
vest: customized vintage
skirt: metamorphose... only thing in my wardrobe ._.
tights: ebay
shoes: chuck taylor
accessories: angelic pretty, offbrand, handmade

i'm sorry i keep wearing the same skirt but it's the only thing i have. i have a few things coming in the mail and i'm hoping to sell this skirt soon. (๏ ε ⊙ ;) sorry, enough about the skirt.

i didn't realize till now that this pic is blurry   ( ಠA  ಠ )
caylee and i drove up together, i had fun getting to see her. she looked so cute that day!

isn't our size difference crazy? xD

but anyway, we arrived at the bakery we thought the meet was being held at and after getting treats and coffee, we found out that we were at the wrong place... (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

i didn't get many photos at the correct location 
but it was a super nice bakery, and it was very spacious! i got to meet some girls i hadn't met before which was cool.

 like usual, i hung out with laffi after the meet 
she wore cult party kei and looked totally awesome! it was a bit chilly so she looked really comfy with that pastel knit thingy. (ღˇ◡ˇ)

i had so much fun with her! 

we went to morning glory, a cute store which sells things like stationary and stuffed animals. i'm not sure how common they are but i think i've seen one on alannah's blog. xD

then, we went to h-mart where we got hit on by a creepy asian man and bought new house shoes AND TAIYAKI! i've always wanted to try them, ever since i saw the characters on azumanga daioh eating them.

and we got the chocolate filled type! ♡ 

then, after eating tons of suno, we went to laffi's house, which is always fun! (۶•౪•)۶ we did the usual and sat around in her cute room, and watched anime. i started creamy mami and loved it!

in the morning, we watched white chicks haha! ☆ then i had to go home.

 thank you for reading, if i have any readers! :'D 

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