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les animaux dansent dans le safari disco club ~!
YOU GUYS! I WENT TO SEE YELLE!! (((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))
my friend called me the night before and invited me to go to a concert of yelle's! i've been a fan of her's for years so of course, i said yes! (despite the face that it was a monday night... ( ̄▽ ̄"")ノ)

i decided to wear something with lots of colors and silly accessories.

we got to the venue which was really small, and walked in. we were among the first people to arrive so we go really good spots! \(^ ^)/ the opening band was housse de racket who i've also been a fan of for a while.

they put on a completely awesome show! i didn't get any pictures because the lead singer jumped around so much, haha. 

we were so close to yelle! she put on an amazing show.  she was very cute, with a huge smile the entire time! i was impressed that she could jump around so much and still sing well. OTL;;

the venue was very low key so we actually got to talk to the opening act for a little bit while we waited to meet yelle. ( O∀O);

when yelle came out, i was freaking out!! she was incredibly sweet, happily talking with us and putting up with my hyperventilating haha! i ended up getting a t shirt and a poster, i want to remember this always.


ME AND YELLE! O(≧∇≦)O i know it's not a good picture, but it was dark and we were both leaning over the table to try to get a picture together.
i was really the happiest i remember being!

i ended up giving her that eyeball before hugging her and leaving. 

thanks for reading, i'll talk to you guys soon!

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