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a perfect weekend ♥

  hi everyone! how was your weekend? i've been pushed to start blogging again because my weekend was so good! (´∀`)v

i got to hang out with my best friend laffi, along with some other buddies, ayu and caylee!

it was really cool to finally spend some with everyone, caylee and i just found out how close we live to each other so we'll be hanging out a lot more lately! >u< anyway, we all met at a local mall to shop around a little bit.

i wore a super casual coordinate of cherry gingham by metamorphose.
wig - priscilla, hair accessories - handmade, sweater - secondhand, stockings - american apparel, shoes - demonia

this was my first day wearing lolita in public, in honor of national lolita day! it was a lot of fun although i got more attention than i would have liked to. also, while i was in forever 21, i caught a girl taking pictures of me. ャダヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

anyway, after shopping for a while, we headed to eat sushi at a place ayu knew. i ordered a bento box and it was so yummy that i ate it before taking a picture! ; A ;

afterwards, ayu, laffi, and i drove to laffi's house. we hung out for around an hour, ayu was purchasing some of laffi's lolita stuff.

this picture cracks me up! :'D i was trying on laffi's bonnet (i love bonnets lately, what do you guys think?) and they were focused on something else.

after that, laffi and i had a typical slumber party where we watched magical girl anime and yaoi instead of doing schoolwork. ( ̄u ̄)ノ
when we woke up, it was time to go to our friend alicia's birthday lunch! i got to hang out with some people i had met before along with some new friends. we went to olive garden and then shopped at h-mart and a cute stationary store afterward, where i bought a chi chai monchan backpack!

this totally suits my style, plus it's wearable with popkei. 
well, i guess that's it for today.
THANK YOU FOR READING! (*≧▽≦)オハツでっす♪

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"after that, laffi and i had a typical slumber party where we watched magical girl anime and yaoi instead of doing schoolwork. ( ̄u ̄)ノ"

my favorite part! The entire weekend was so much fun! and yay for jesse blogging again <333!
from: laffi | 2011/12/05 11:26 AM
Just found your new bloggie~ /creepcreep &#9685;&#9697;&#9685;)/&#9829;

I loved that day so muchhh~ we need to have many more adventures! And I'm so happy you started blogging again, but I'm horrible with keeping up with shiet unless I can email subscribe somehow... is there a way?! ★彡
from: Caylee~ | 2011/12/18 6:47 PM

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