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(*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん MOMOCON!!
sorry it's been a while, but nothing interesting has happened lately. i've been hard at work preparing for momocon! (>ω<*)ノ

sadly, i wasn't very good about taking photos throughout the con, but of course, i got all of my outfit shots!

i spent most of sunday hanging out until we picked up some of my best friends, zach, and caylee. after taking forever to arrive, we decided to look around the convention and meet up with laffi!

skirt: metamorphose (AGAIN OTL;)
apron: custom, the snow field
sweater: h&m
blouse: secondhand
tights: offbrand
shoes: gloomy bear
bag: angelic pretty
accessories: offbrand, handmade

this is the very last time you'll be seeing this skirt, thank jesus! ♥

being in lolita is exhausting...  i changed in to this at about 9 or 10, after my friend malice's para para panel. (・ェ・) i love comfy clothes!

 the biggest day of the convention... SATURDAY

laffi and i were originally going to twin but it turned out to be a loose match! 
shirt: milklim
bloomers: handmade from DOL fabric
tights: sweetiecakes
accessories: alice doll, handmade, 6%, offbrand

i got to hang out with sascha which was really cool! 
we went to the lolita meetup, and bummed around a bit with the gang.


we decided to change for the j-fashion panel!
everything is the same, except shoes borrowed from malice (taobao) and custom angelic pretty skirt by the snow field.

after seeing everyone at the j-fashion panel, we headed up to this area where everyone just kind of hung out. everyone was tired and wanted to rest for a bit.

i had a really nice night with the girls i was staying with on saturday. we ended up staying up much too late talking about fashion, and even got on the topic of ghosts, haha! ヾ(・u・ )

 creepy cute on sunday, i was feeling lazy! 
shirt: offbrand
skirt: bodyline
tights: welovecolors, offbrand
socks: offbrand
shoes: t.u.k.
accessories: offbrand, sanrio, cute can kill

couldn't you seriously scream at how cute my friends are?!
alisha on the left, malice on the right.

i had fun at momocon this year, it was the best convention yet! 

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bakery meetup, fun weekend!

yay! i kept my promise! (´∀`)here's my outfit from the bakery meetup on sunday! i'll start with an outfit rundown.

i went with a red and yellow coordinate because i was just dying to coordinate this skirt with yellow! i kind of look like mcdonalds LOL.

shirt: hot topic i think... it's a lady gaga shirt xD
vest: customized vintage
skirt: metamorphose... only thing in my wardrobe ._.
tights: ebay
shoes: chuck taylor
accessories: angelic pretty, offbrand, handmade

i'm sorry i keep wearing the same skirt but it's the only thing i have. i have a few things coming in the mail and i'm hoping to sell this skirt soon. (๏ ε ⊙ ;) sorry, enough about the skirt.

i didn't realize till now that this pic is blurry   ( ಠA  ಠ )
caylee and i drove up together, i had fun getting to see her. she looked so cute that day!

isn't our size difference crazy? xD

but anyway, we arrived at the bakery we thought the meet was being held at and after getting treats and coffee, we found out that we were at the wrong place... (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

i didn't get many photos at the correct location 
but it was a super nice bakery, and it was very spacious! i got to meet some girls i hadn't met before which was cool.

 like usual, i hung out with laffi after the meet 
she wore cult party kei and looked totally awesome! it was a bit chilly so she looked really comfy with that pastel knit thingy. (ღˇ◡ˇ)

i had so much fun with her! 

we went to morning glory, a cute store which sells things like stationary and stuffed animals. i'm not sure how common they are but i think i've seen one on alannah's blog. xD

then, we went to h-mart where we got hit on by a creepy asian man and bought new house shoes AND TAIYAKI! i've always wanted to try them, ever since i saw the characters on azumanga daioh eating them.

and we got the chocolate filled type! ♡ 

then, after eating tons of suno, we went to laffi's house, which is always fun! (۶•౪•)۶ we did the usual and sat around in her cute room, and watched anime. i started creamy mami and loved it!

in the morning, we watched white chicks haha! ☆ then i had to go home.

 thank you for reading, if i have any readers! :'D 

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wow... i am a complete failure at this type of blog.

i can't believe how long it's been since i've written here! (ஐ০౪০)ノ

an outfit i did for a contest entry 
i'm not very proud of this since i had to get ready very fast.

my friend did my makeup, i don't know if it's really my style. it's at least more natural than my first lolita attempt which was quite extreme. xD

btw, i know it's annoying when someone posts a picture of themselves and then says, "oh it's such a bad pic, excuses etc." but i want to log all of my outfits so i can track my progress. (ノ)ʘ﹃ʘ(ヾ) even though i've only worn lolita a short time, i think i'm already improving. 

 face blurred out because no makeup is scary! 
i'm planning on trying out gyaru at a coming up convention with my friend, malice. this was just a mini test on some rokku princess gal hair!

i'm hoping it will look better after cutting layers in to the hair
as well as teasing it and using lots of hairspray.

i'll see you all soon! 

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les animaux dansent dans le safari disco club ~!
YOU GUYS! I WENT TO SEE YELLE!! (((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))
my friend called me the night before and invited me to go to a concert of yelle's! i've been a fan of her's for years so of course, i said yes! (despite the face that it was a monday night... ( ̄▽ ̄"")ノ)

i decided to wear something with lots of colors and silly accessories.

we got to the venue which was really small, and walked in. we were among the first people to arrive so we go really good spots! \(^ ^)/ the opening band was housse de racket who i've also been a fan of for a while.

they put on a completely awesome show! i didn't get any pictures because the lead singer jumped around so much, haha. 

we were so close to yelle! she put on an amazing show.  she was very cute, with a huge smile the entire time! i was impressed that she could jump around so much and still sing well. OTL;;

the venue was very low key so we actually got to talk to the opening act for a little bit while we waited to meet yelle. ( O∀O);

when yelle came out, i was freaking out!! she was incredibly sweet, happily talking with us and putting up with my hyperventilating haha! i ended up getting a t shirt and a poster, i want to remember this always.


ME AND YELLE! O(≧∇≦)O i know it's not a good picture, but it was dark and we were both leaning over the table to try to get a picture together.
i was really the happiest i remember being!

i ended up giving her that eyeball before hugging her and leaving. 

thanks for reading, i'll talk to you guys soon!

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a perfect weekend ♥

  hi everyone! how was your weekend? i've been pushed to start blogging again because my weekend was so good! (´∀`)v

i got to hang out with my best friend laffi, along with some other buddies, ayu and caylee!

it was really cool to finally spend some with everyone, caylee and i just found out how close we live to each other so we'll be hanging out a lot more lately! >u< anyway, we all met at a local mall to shop around a little bit.

i wore a super casual coordinate of cherry gingham by metamorphose.
wig - priscilla, hair accessories - handmade, sweater - secondhand, stockings - american apparel, shoes - demonia

this was my first day wearing lolita in public, in honor of national lolita day! it was a lot of fun although i got more attention than i would have liked to. also, while i was in forever 21, i caught a girl taking pictures of me. ャダヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

anyway, after shopping for a while, we headed to eat sushi at a place ayu knew. i ordered a bento box and it was so yummy that i ate it before taking a picture! ; A ;

afterwards, ayu, laffi, and i drove to laffi's house. we hung out for around an hour, ayu was purchasing some of laffi's lolita stuff.

this picture cracks me up! :'D i was trying on laffi's bonnet (i love bonnets lately, what do you guys think?) and they were focused on something else.

after that, laffi and i had a typical slumber party where we watched magical girl anime and yaoi instead of doing schoolwork. ( ̄u ̄)ノ
when we woke up, it was time to go to our friend alicia's birthday lunch! i got to hang out with some people i had met before along with some new friends. we went to olive garden and then shopped at h-mart and a cute stationary store afterward, where i bought a chi chai monchan backpack!

this totally suits my style, plus it's wearable with popkei. 
well, i guess that's it for today.
THANK YOU FOR READING! (*≧▽≦)オハツでっす♪

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